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From just a brand project, this client blossomed into a successful food truck, then a restaurant in Fullerton, CA and then successfully sold in 2013. Frosty beer mugs, truck wrap design, rad t-shirt designs and more.
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He had an existing logo and wanted to redesign his previous website with a new strategic approach and we were happy to serve him. After we developed his marketing tools, new custom-designed WordPress website.
Gibson Company &
We have known Chris Horton from his involvement in the Orange community and his commitment to local businesses. His time as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Orange Chamber of Commerce was very impactful and the CEO of the Orange Chamber, Heidi Larkin-Reed.
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Foto Cabina Premium Photo Booths was looking for marketing strategy and we immediately connected to their cause to promote joy in captured candid moments and premium entertainment at local events.
Foto Cabina Premium
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By Courtney Thurman on December 11, 2011 in Blog, Business Operations, Inspiration, Marketing for All, Project Management Tools, SmallWerks Announcements, Splash Pages

Splash pages are the introductory page to your website that feature your company logo or graphic, a flash movie, options to enter your site, and technical requirements to view you website. Splash pages load easily on your viewer’s computer and ensure that the viewer will see the information on the splash page at least once. Here are four great creators and design templates for you to create your own splash pages.

1. Ad Kreator – Ad Kreator is a do it yourself ad creating service for splash pages with hundreds of templates and no software to download. All templates and designs are hosted through Ad Kreator and the service only costs $19.95 per month, and the first design is free.

Click here to learn more. 

2. Weebly – This free website creator also offers free splash page design. There is no forced advertising by Weebly and your own company’s advertising is free. Weebly also offers free domain hosting, free search engine optimization, free automatic mobile site, and full control over HTML and CSS used in the website theme. Through the site, your Weebly domain name is free, but if you are interested in your own domain name, the cost is $24.95 per year and the price decreases every year that you continue to use Weebly.
For more information about Weebly, click here.

3. Weebly Template – Here is a great site of Weebly splash pages that feature a customizable background image, drag and drop content area, drag and drop company logo, and a smart navigation menu bar.

Click here to find out more.

4. Expression Graphics – This site offers high quality splash page design templates and flash intros for businesses at a low cost.

Click here to see the splash page design templates.

Now that you have the tools to develop your own splash pages, how will you use the creator and templates for your business?

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